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Cosy up your bedroom in time for winter

And just like that it’s winter… hasn’t she made herself known over the last few mornings? So dark when that alarm goes off (and so tempting to pull the doona up further and hit snooze!). Fortunately by lunchtime the days are crisp and beautiful and beckoning you to come out an play.

With more chilly weather around the corner – you know those blustery grey sky days that make it perfect for curling up inside with a really great book (or Netflix if that’s more your thing) – I thought it timely to look at easy changes you can make (with a minimum of fuss) to turn your bedroom into a warm and welcoming space that encourages you to linger just a little longer.

Cosy up your bedding

It’s very likely that your bed is the biggest (and most visually impactful) thing in your bedroom, so swapping out your light weight summer bedding for something thick and cosy will have a huge effect on the feel of the room. Think velvet comforters, chunky cable knit throws and large overstuffed quilts with of course the addition of beautiful cushions – creating a comfortable and luxurious look that will make you want to leap into bed and sink into all the softness.

Image Credit: Rickward Design Studio

Don’t forget for maximum impact to frame the bed with a gorgeous fabric covered bed head that is as tactile as it is beautiful. For winter I particularly love rich velvets and felts.

Don’t forget your sheets

Of course it is not just about what’s on show… think about what you would like to cocoon yourself closer to your body.

In a really cold climate flannel sheets are very inviting with their fleecy feel (as are electric blankets – with dual controls for marital bliss of course!). Sometimes however these items that are great at helping you drift off the sleep wake you in the wee small hours with that clammy middle of the night feeling… uggh…

Enter linen sheets… their fibres – longer than cotton – create a looser weave within the fabric – which mean that they are light, breathable and therefore helpful in enabling you to regulate body temperature and surprisingly keep you warm in winter (of course they will need to be combined with a blanket or doona on top if you are in Sydney or Melbourne!). Their longer fibres of the linen (which become softer with each wash) are better at absorbing moisture (than cotton or fleece) – which is great for hot & sweaty sleepers.

Image Credit:

Remember Your Mattress Many mattress manufacturers recommend flipping or rotating your mattress with the change of seasons to get a great night’s sleep. Rotate the mattress so that your feet and head swap (and depending on the style of mattres also swap sides from time to time).

Consider your lighting Lighting makes such a huge difference to the feel and general coziness of a space.

Get ready for winter by adding some low, soft lighting to your bedroom — a bedside lamp with a low-watt bulb (40 or lower) is a good place to start. In larger rooms (perhaps with an armchair or reading nook) a floor lamp with a swing arm is a great solution to provide an additional light source.

Be sure however to pick bulbs with warm tones as there is nothing less appealing than stark, cool toned lighting in your home – particularly in the depths of winter.

Image Credit:

Think about your colour palette Not surprisingly colour scheme plays a huge part in comfort in the winter months in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Of course its not particularly practical to paint your walls in warm hues just because its cold outside so consider how to bring these colours in through rugs, bedding and other accessories. This is particularly easy this season with so many warm terracottas, pinks, ochres and umbers in the mix.

Image Credit:

Consider your window treatments

Did you know that around 35% of the heat in your home can disappear via windows, doors and draughts, so insulating your home against heat loss through the use of window treatments is not only visually appealing (yay!) but can help reduce your power bill at the same time. Of course not all window treatments are created equal in regards to their thermal effectiveness. To learn more you can continue reading here.

Image Credit:

Banish bare floors

Finally lets finish with the floor…..rugs are particularly useful in bringing warmth to a space. If you have timber on the floor think about get a soft area rug to place under your bed so that when its no longer possible to hit snooze on the alarm your toes have a soft place to land.

Of course you will need something large to go under your bed or otherwise it will look just mean – as a guide you will want a minimum of 40 cm each side protruding from under the bed.

The rug does not need to extend the whole length of the bed by the way – though it does need to run the width of the bed with generosity (see below image for example).

Image Credit: Coastal Living Magazine

If budget is an issue consider cutting a large rug out of regular carpet (professionally edged of course) as the vast majority of it will be under your bed after all.

Elisha x

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