Design is my life – it is both my passion and my profession and I feel incredibly blessed to merge the two.  I grew up in a home with a design loving mother and beautiful interiors were a given.  As children my sisters and I would be dragged across Sydney on a Saturday morning looking at houses with the ever present ‘threat’ that a new project might be on the cards.  Whilst my younger sister hated this, for me it was always exciting.  It signalled possibilities - the whiff of a creative house transformation in the air.  It is fair to say that decorating is in my DNA.


Being born into a family where good design was paramount has given me a gift to create beautiful interiors.  First for family, then for friends and now for clients. I absolutely love working with colour and texture and strive hard to conceive spaces that spark an emotional response in those that experience them. I think everyone deserves a home that makes them happy where they are surrounded with things they love. 


I strongly believe that great design should endure the test of time and that it is not necessary to purchase over the top items for one’s home: rather to incorporate a layering of colour and pattern and art to create interest all whilst engendering a feeling of happiness.  We need to fill our homes with the things that bring us  the greatest joy – be they people, pets or decorative items we adore.   Great design is about creating a sanctuary of comfort that makes you feel instantly at ease. Your house should not look like a showroom - it should tell the story of all those that live within.

In working with clients I am always excited about developing something that they enjoy.  I love making rooms that have a modern take on classical style.  Each solution is bespoke: tailored to the wish list of the individual but promising an eye for detail and considered spatial planning.  The end result, a beautiful layered home that is warm and inviting and which brings a smile to the faces of those who are lucky enough to pass through it.





"Rickward Design Studio was fabulous. Elisha took the time to really understand our needs before proposing suggestions for home interiors. Elisha is creative, enthusiastic and forward thinking. Several mood boards were presented to us before a final concept came together. I felt engaged throughout the whole process. Most importantly, we were thrilled with the results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Elisha and her team to prospective clients."



"We were absolutely thrilled with the results that Elisha helped us achieve. She was full of inspiration, ideas and practical advice from the start to the end of renovating our home.  She is professional and efficient, an absolute genius with colour, can mix expensive items with inexpensive ones to give a flawless, cohesive overall look. She kept within our budget and time frame. I walk into my house every day and am filled with joy. I would highly recommend Elisha and look forward to working with her again!"