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Take the first steps in creating a home that you love

I am a true believer that everyone deserves a home that makes them happy – where they are surrounded with things that they love and that they have a ‘feel good’ feeling when spending time at home.  

But what if you have a home that feels a bit stark or lacklustre, or its simply a bit tired and dated and in need of a refresh?  Perhaps you have a new build that is shiny and oh so new but it needs a bit of personalisation and colour to bring it to life?  Or a house that needs storage solutions so you can just feel a bit more in control of your day to day.  

I work with you from the outset to take care of all the design details so that you can actually enjoy the process of creating a home that you love.  I think of everything you need from start to finish in the re-design of your home so that all the elements come together in the execution of a beautiful space.


From initial consult where we explore what you want to achieve with your interiors, through quotations so you feel informed on where the costs lie through to the design phase sourcing products to make your house feel like a home. My service takes out the guess work and minimises the risk of impulsive purchases that perhaps look great in the showroom but that don’t actually suit the style of your home.  

Just like most homes are different so are the needs and wishes of my clients.  I have worked with a range of different styles, budgets and preferences. Many of my clients are keen to take an active role in the design process so we work together to make the process a completely collaborative one, whilst other home owners are time poor and prefer to hand over the reigns empowering me to making the key decorating decisions on you behalf.   Whatever your preferred way of working rest assured I will work to accommodate your needs.

Want to move forward on creating a home you love?   


 Click the button below to arrange an obligation free phone consult where we can discuss your project and what can be achieved working together?  Alternatively drop me a line at and let me know how to best support you.

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How does the actual design process work?

Step One - Initial Chat

The starting point is to have a free phone consultation where you let me know what you are hoping to achieve with your home or office and we can explore ways how I can best assist.

Step Two - Consultation

You then have the option to book in an in-home consultation (or zoom call if distance is an issue) where we discuss your requirements and the overall look and feel you are hoping to achieve in your home.  This session lasts up to 2 hours and you can take the opportunity to ask any questions you have as we move around your home.  

Depending on your requirements you may find that this initial meeting provides answers to your key questions and that the process is short and sweet and ends there.

Alternatively you might decide that you would like for me to provide a more comprehensive and detailed scheme for your home so we would move to the next stage.  

Step 3 – Return Brief

After our initial meeting I’ll be in a position to advise you of the necessary steps to move forward.  Based on your individual needs and requirements, budget, design aesthetic and time frames I will let you know an idea of overall costs for your project.  This will based on consideration of the number of design hours I believe will be necessary to complete your project as well as early estimates as to what I think you will need to spend on furniture and accessories to deliver you a home that you love.

If you are comfortable with the estimate and keen to move forward I will seek a deposit and get to work on your project so that we can realise your vision.

Step 4 – Concept & Design Stage

This is where the fun begins.  I get to work on designing a concept that I believe you will love.  We then meet so I can present to you the conceptual design scheme.  This will be brief specific but likely to include mood boards, layout options, inspirational images and furniture and finish suggestions (think colour schemes, fabric swatches, tile selections, wallpaper suggestions etc).  

Step 5 – Decision Making & Sign Off

Once the final design concept is agreed I will provide you with a list of the furniture and accessories I believe will bring your project to life.  You will receive a room by room guide detailing all recommended furniture and accessories.  This will be in the form of an inventory that includes detailed photos, specifications and costs for each item.  You approve those products that you wish to move forward with and we will invoice you accordingly and place orders with our suppliers on your behalf.

Step 6 – Finalise & Finesse

Once you have received all the items ordered at Step 5 I will come to your home and oversee their placement and help you make sure everything is ‘just right’. 

Have further questions about the design process?  See below for some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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How much does it cost to work with Rickward Design Studio?

Let's face it - there are so many variables that are unknown when embarking on a renovating or re-design project.  This is not however the case when you work with me.  To help you plan for your project (and its likely costs) I like to be really open and upfront with how my pricing is structured.   I will advise you from the outset how many hours I thinking's it will will be likely that I will work on your project and help guide you as to what I think it is that you can expect to spend.  If something changes throughout the project and it looks like we might need to spend more time than initially allowed for - I will notify you in advance and we can work out the best way forward.

I charge by the hour or on a project basis (this is something we can discuss in our initial obligation free phone consult).

  • Phone Consult – Free of Charge.  Up to 25 minutes.

  • Initial Home Consult (up to 2 hours): $225

  • Follow On Consult: $125

It is worth noting that whilst yes you will be spending money on design fees it is likely that you will also have the opportunity to reap the rewards through sharing in trade discounts that I may be able to pass on through the relationships I have developed with trade partners.    My "black book" of to-the-trade suppliers ensures that not only can I help pass on trade discounts but that I may be able to wow you with pieces that you are unlikely to have seen on the high street.  Any trade discounts from suppliers are jointly shared between you and I.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Who does this service best support?

  • Those who don’t know where to start in the design process.

  • Those who lack confidence or feel overwhelmed by choice.

  • Those who are time poor and wish they had an extra hour or two in their day (or better yet an extra day per week in their calendar)!.

  • Those people who love lots of design styles but don’t know which bests suits their house


Do you have a particular style or look you like to deliver your clients?

I pride myself on delivering something unique for each client so no ‘cookie-cutter’ schemes for me.  I do personally celebrate the inclusion of colour and pattern in my schemes but work with the wishes of my clients’ forefront in my mind and always respect the brief.


What if our design styles are different?

This is a common concern I hear when first talking to clients but I feel that it is easily addressed.  The design process is a collaborative one.  At the outset it starts with asking a lot of questions around your likes and wishes for your home.  I get excited to learn about what you love (and just as importantly what you don’t) and are interested to know how you like to live and function at home.   I want to know what excites and inspires you so that I can deliver something that you love.  My work is based on your input – so the more you can share what you are after the greater the chance I will deliver something you love.

I do have an inclination for loving colour and pattern so will encourage my clients to ‘try brave’ and end up with something you might not have the know how to deliver yourself but I will listen to what you have to say and if that is not your preference that is all good too!.  I have been to ‘that hairdresser’ who wanted to try out ‘that style’ on me and know that feeling… I promise its your home, your look.

Is there a typical cost for your service?

The short answer is no.  Each client job is different – from the architecture of the home, the existing pieces to work with, the expectation of furniture and finishes through to the level of my involvement in each project.  

An obligation free phone consult would help us understand the scope of your project and enable you to decide whether it would be worth taking further.

Some clients do find a single meeting is all they need to bounce ideas around and seek another opinion.

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