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Hello Spring


Welcome to Spring.. it seems to be a long time in the making after the cold and wet winter we have had. I am definitely looking forward to longer days and hopefully the promise of a summer that looks and feels different from the last. Pretty please El Nino can you stay away I want to retire my gumboots for a while.

Even if the weather outside refuses to play fair we can bring spring inside our homes with a few minor tweaks. Read on for a few spring interior styling trends we’re looking forward to leaning into this year:

1. Expressive Interiors that celebrate joy and creativity and make use of colour in unexpected ways.

This Spring is all about colour and pattern and lively interiors and decor. Of course I’m excited because we are seeing a lot of bold, even clashing, color combos and pattern-on-pattern decorating trends. There is a movement away from minimalist, monochromatic design (hooray says the maximalist). After the last few years people want to celebrate and bring joy and frivolity back into their homes. What better way than with fun colours and prints?

Seems that Dulux is completely on board with celebratory interiors as evident in the release of their new Colour Forecast for 2023. They have a range of beautiful palettes that are designed to inspire and uplift. No more so than with the Revive Range of colours which scream FUN & spirited as demonstrated in these amazing interiors below.

Image Credit: Dulux Australia

Image Credit: Dulux Australia

Want to know more about the upcoming paint trends? Check out Dulux's colour forecasts here:

2. Using Green (the colour of Mother Nature) inside your home – a little (or better still a lot)

Talking of colour lets look at green. We have seen it on the catwalk and more recently creep (or leap!) into our day to day wardrobe but it also has a place in our homes. Renowned for its connection to the outdoors and ability to create enduring calm, when introduced to the home green reveals a feeling of energy, new life and opportunity. As one of the most versatile colours to decorate with and weave throughout your interior, our love affair with green continues to grow as we look for new and exciting ways to bring the colour of nature indoors. Use it judiciously with small pieces like tableware and ceramics or go bold and choose it for your new sofa, window treatment or wall colour.

3. Incoporating textural details that elevate your furniture pieces

You will also see a lot of playful details in furniture readily available in stores from the high street through to upscale boutiques. It is really easy to elevate a scheme through the use of pieces that offer textural detail over a flat profile. These include detail like the reeded texture in this bedside table:

Modern day rattan finishes such as this: Combly Rattan Storage Unit

Or beautiful bone inlay pieces in gorgeous gelato colours such as this one shown here:

If you’re refreshing your home for spring, consider which vignettes in your home could use a new life, and incorporate a piece with an interesting texture or shape to draw the eye in.

4: Floral, floral and if the heart desires more floral

Okay we know the idea of florals for spring isn’t groundbreaking, but we’re looking forward to a new take on expressing the budding of new life, nonetheless. This season, we’re incorporating them into our homes with exaggerated scale, from large-scale prints on art & textiles to micro-print florals on wallpaper and bedding.

These beautiful painterly cushions by Bonnie & Neil are an excellent point in case!

Through to micro-print florals on wallpaper and bedding and anything else that you can think of.

5: Checks & stripes and stripes & checks

Regardless of your aesthetic, checks and stripes have a place in every decor. From tiny gingham fabrics through big and bold checkerboard patterns and stripes in colorful contrasts. Applied to floors, walls and everything in between!

Forget the safe plain-plaid, this season checks and stripes are bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before! Stripes can add visual interest to furniture pieces like sofas, flank the walls with wallpaper or equally work their magic on the floor.

And for those tight on space, it is worth remembering that linear stripes can help to enlarge the appearance of a room, this is especially effective in hallways as the stripe draws the eye along the design and thus appears to elongate the area. Striped flooring is also ideal in high traffic areas and kid's spaces as it will more readily withstand the effects of dirt and wear better than plain and flat single colour flooring.

If a large investment is not on the radar you can always get a quick-pick-me-up in smaller decor pieces. A favourite of mine is this gorgeous jug... it may just be on my Christmas Wishlist.

Elisha x

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