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Wallpaper? Why not?

Not sure about you but I have always loved wallpaper – perhaps because it takes me back to a being a kid when we had walls blooming with flowers and a riot of pattern surrounding us when we watched the Brady Bunch where of course they had their own fabulous stash of wallpaper (ahh memories)… Anyhow sorry I digress we are talking wallpaper… and the fact that yay its back…and better than ever.

The reason it’s such a powerful tool in the decorating arsenal is because of its transformative power – so much colour and pattern in one small strip (ornot if that’s how you roll – pardon the pun). It’s the perfect quick fix and pick me up to transform areas in your home.

If you spend any time on Instagram you will have hopefully noticed a shift away from white on white, or even worse grey on grey to uplifting spaces swathed in colourful patterned walls that bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Image Credit: The Crafted Life

Of course our love for decorating and DIY TV shows has also bought wallpaper back to our screens covering walls (and even ceilings and cupboard interiors) aplenty. And if your spending any time over on Netflix (or any other platform) fabulous drama period pieces like Bridgerton, Emma and who can forget The Queens Gambit where every available surface was covered in a riot of pattern and colour: provide hours of indulgence and inspiration combined.

Advances in technology have seen the way that wallpaper is produced today has addressed many consumer concerns with easier-to-apply (and remove) products that no longer require litres of glue or steamers the size of an esky. There are also a huge sway of removable wallpapers geared to the likes of renters or those who are simply worried that they will tire of a print too quickly!

Further advances in technology with digital printing gives designers the ability to confidently break out of the need for repeat patterns and choose high-resolution photo wallpaper and designs on a larger scale. This has meant not only fresh new designs and applications but also some of the most historic wallpaper companies revisiting golden oldies and putting them back into circulation in fresh new colour combinations. What’s not to love?

Image Credit: Thibaut

So now that you have discovered the perfect wallpaper what comes next?

There are a few things to consider before wallpapering with reckless abandon in your home.

Possibly the first thing to really consider is that using a wallcovering (either a wallpaper or a large scale mural) is definitely more of an investment than a lick of paint so it is important to ensure that you choose a design that has longevity and can speak to the other areas of your home and the existing pieces that you have.

It is important to consider the scale of the pattern of the wallpaper and how it relates to the scale of the room and surrounding architecture. The smaller the scale the easier it will be to place artworks on top & possibly marry with other patterns (though of course this can also be fun to challenge and large scale patterns can be very dramatic and show stopping!). Just remember to think about the art you hope to line your walls with as well as what is happening in the adjacent room.

Functionality is also extremely important – what is the function of the room where the wallpaper going? Is it a high traffic area? Will children, adults and badly behaved friends and relatives be touching it regularly? Will it be exposed to certain levels of moisture such as a kitchen or bathroom? Fortunately you can buy waterproof wallpapers these days which means they can be used in wet rooms (though please not behind a shower! though yes there are ways and means around that too) . Waterproof wallpapers of course have the added advantage of being able to withstand splashes behind a basin or wiped down with greasy fingerprints.

Now that we have looked at the what and why we just need to consider the where to with wallpaper?

Of course any wall can handle wallpaper but some place seem particularly impactful.

Wallpaper is wonderful in entry halls – making a dramatic first impression. Also fun in powder rooms (you don’t have to think about the steam from baths or showers here)

Image Credit:

and fabulous in a dining room to create a cozy, intimate and interesting space. Bedrooms are also one of my favourite rooms to wallpaper – as an adult you often don’t spend a lot of time during the day in your bedroom (so you can be quite brave & playful).

Of course wallpaper can also dress the back of cabinets and line the inside of wardrobes for an unexpected punch of colour and pattern:

Image Credit: Pinterest source unknown

And of course wallpaper is often amazing on the ceiling as well.

Image Credit: Meadowbank Designs

Not all wallpaper needs to about colour and pattern though – wallpaper is also a wonderful way to bring in texture to your home and personalise your space.

Not sure where to start? I’d love to help.

Elisha x

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