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Beach Chic Decorating (aka: when you can't get to the beach bring the beach to you)...

Just when the coast seemed clear and you were about to escape north for a holiday bathed in sunshine: Covid has reared its head again. Such a shame for all the holiday plans that have been jettisoned – particularly if a beach house holiday was calling. But fear not you don’t need to live anywhere near the sea to recreate that relaxed coastal vibe at home.

Regardless of where your house is located: beach house chic is a much coveted style so I thought perhaps it would be fun to look at ways to bring that beach house feeling home.

Recreating the beach house look & easy, breezy vibe at home is all about the creation of a light and airy space (move over clutter), with a tasteful mix of casual & comfy furniture, a layering of carefree soft furnishings – often made from natural materials. Then comes the icing on the cake – the accessorising –with collected finds from nature (or store bought online in your pyjamas if that’s how you roll).

Beach house chic is an easy, versatile style that can be modified to suit just about any style of home. Of course it doesn’t have to be all about blue & white (though anyone who knows me knows that is completely 100% acceptable too).

So now we’ve started talking colours – lets keep going as it really is the perfect starting point upon which everything else is layered. The options are surprisingly varied - think bright white walls through muted, soft sandy colours, accents of blues and greens reminiscent of the surf and sea are of course popular too. As are bright punches of accent colours – hello coral and pink - because when talking beach lifestyle it shouldn't be all serious should it?

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In fact if fun is your vibe there are of course a huge range of fabulous coastal inspired wallpapers to consider too.

Wallpapers via

However if updating walls colours and wallpaper are not in contention - there are a myriad of fun artworks that will bring the beach breeze to you for a fraction of the price. All you need to do is hop online and let your fingers doing the work.

These beauties are from

In recreating a beach chic style at home it is helpful to layer your room with a mix of old and new so that nothing seems too precious. Incorporating lots of natural materials – like jute, driftwood and rattan – helps to create that outdoorsy vibe. Think rugs, oversized pendant lights, baskets and cushions to create a comfy, relaxed laid back style. The good news is this bowerbird acquisition does not need to be expensive – there are plenty of high street finds to help you layer on the texture.

These beach finds all currently available from

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In this room by the they have incorporated a jute style rug, recycled timber coffee table and natural accents like baskets and pots – oh and driftwood too. All coupled with relaxed style furniture in neutrals.

Though equally a beach scheme can be full of colourful accents as this fun filled room shows. How great is the surfboard? And the pink sofa?

Image Credit:

Laid back furnishings in durable fabrics able to withstand wet costumes and sandy feet are just the ticket in perfecting relaxed beach house style. Slip cover furniture that is easy to live with (and screams coastal style) is you friend: for the ultimate easy care solution, invest in a sofa with removable covers for easy cleaning - suddenly white sofas are on the cards. And of course remember you have a second cover made from a heavier fabric to use in the colder months if you are seeking more texture or warmth.

Further, it is worth noting that there are now a vast number of options in indoor/outdoor fabrics that are perfect for recovering existing furniture or buying anew. Indoor/Outdoor fabrics (also known as high performance fabrics) can have a lot of life thrown at them. They have a strong UV resistance (so are more resistant to fading than regular fabrics) – great if you have a north or west facing room that receives a lot of sun during the day.

Further performance fabrics are designed to be breathable and water repellent meaning wet costumes (or sticky fingers) are not an issue. Even when wet these performance fabrics resist mould and mildew and are easily cleaned – you can even use bleach on them if the fabric is graded accordingly.

Sofa in outdoor fabric. Image Credit: via Pinterest

But outdoor high performance materials aren’t just limited to fabrics but are also found in a range of indoor/outdoor rugs. Their easy care nature means they can be taken outside and literally hosed down. Now isn't that handy?

Image credit:

Finally an essential element of coastal living is the way light comes into and moves around your home – bringing the outside in. Choose window treatments that don't obstruct light but rather diffuse the heat of the summer sun coming in. The addition of the blinds behind these billowy white curtains further enhance the coastal scheme (with the added advantage of blocking additional sun in summer and retaining heat in winter).

Image Credit: Pinterest (original source unknown)



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