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Armchair Travel Series: Morocco

Not sure about you but I have major wander lust at the moment and am dreaming about that time when the words international travel are not accompanied by words like “here’s hoping” and “fingers crossed”.

As it doesn’t look like we will be travelling to exotic locations for a while I thought it would be fun to do some armchair travel and look at ways to bring that overseas holiday feeling home.

As my day dreams are full of colour I thought a great stepping off point would be to look at Moroccan design which is unapologetic in both its use of pattern and its bold colour.

From vibrant colours to intricately designed mosaic products and beautifully patterned wood carvings this uplifting and exciting style is useful in introducing warmth & a global character to your home – but remember tread lightly unless you are happy for your home to look like it belongs in the Medina! And if that is the case well then go you good thing.. "you do you" because our homes are our happy place after all.

Read on for a few favourite RDS finds to introduce “a touch of Morocco’ to your home.

Its hard not to think of the beautiful tiling that is so readily incorporated within the architecture of Morocco. It is all pervasive from the pools of the riads, the paved courtyards and even on furniture itself.

Image Credit: Elle Decoration

So in trying to recreate the mood at home the obvious place is to start with a few jaw dropping statement tiles. There are a myriad of options available in the marketplace. See below for a few favourites.

Image 1) Image Credit:

Image 2) Archaic Debbie Tiles from

Image 3) Meca Blush Pink from

If re-tiling is not on the agenda anytime soon soft furnishings may be the way forward.

Image Credit:

Think rugs, curtains, covered arm chairs, lamp shades and scatter cushions as a starting point to introduce touches of colour to your home - beautiful fabrics in pinks and terracottas reminiscent of the vast expanses of the desert, the dusty pink so reminiscent of the building of Marrakesh and complemented by greens - from soft sage through ocean greens.

Image 1) Fabric by Thibaut - Fawn in Forest

Image 2) Pinterest via

Image 3) Fabric by Thibaut - Tahoe in Canyon

If ready made is more your thing - take a look at the following cushions. Also consider floor cushions and covered ottomans.

Image 1) & 2) Found at

For a fun & modern take on Morocco at a super affordable price have a look at this latest offering from Adairs by artist Karina Jambrak - they have cushions, throws and bedlinen. Fun, impactful and wallet friendly.

Image 1) Image Credit: Pinterest - source unknown

Image 2 & 3)

Woven patterned rugs are another benchmark of Moroccan décor. With their bright colours and woven texture they add instant warmth and coziness to any room (or outdoor patio as the case is below).

Image Credit: Riad Be in Marrakech via

Diamond patterns are popular as are honeycomb designs, star based geometrics and variations on chevron and checkerboard patterns. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were woven by women with their patterns varying by region: different weaving styles tell various tribal stories and myths - all transporting you to a faraway place and even a bygone era.

Image Credit for all 3 images: - an Australian based store selling vintage Moroccan rugs - very handy when you can't wander the markets yourself!

Moroccan Style decor is busy with colour and patterns. For this reason, furniture is often kept simple to create contrast and to avoid visual overload! If contemplating the introduction of Moroccan furniture, look for items that are simple in design but expressive in detail.

Carved wood, filigree detailing and plush upholstered pieces are staples of Moroccan interiors.

Image 3) (available from Rickward Design Studio)

For a quick fix of colour, pattern and design artworks are super effective at bring a burst of colour to your home and depending on the design can transport you to far away places.

A few of my favourites on the marketplace at the moment include this beautiful artwork by Sue Fantini:

Image 2) Image Credit

Image 3)

Another way to invoke the feeling of Morocco in your home (without the need for cliched tagines and the like) is to introduce curated accesories in your chosen colour scheme - think natural woven materials like rattan & jute - a mainstay both of Moroccan décor and of global décor generally coupled with other decorative items like ceramics. With minimal outlay you can easily introduce a number of beautiful textural elements to elevate your decorating scheme. (available from Rickward Design Studio)

Not sure if this has cured my wanderlust or made it worse (expect the latter!) but I have had fun on the way through - exactly the tonic I needed. I am now totally smitten with this beautiful Moroccan colour palette - you?

Elisha x

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