• Elisha Rickward

A colourful guide to Mothers Day 2021

There's no denying that mama's are pretty special and deserve to be celebrated loud and proud. So let's get organised and think tank about some gifts they may love to receive - we all know that there are better places to be than aimlessly wandering around the shopping mall after all.

Knowing just what to buy can be tricky and time consuming so I have done a little bit of research myself. All mama's of course have their own unique style and preference - but if yours just happens to be a colour loving mama I thought she may be interested in some (if not all! of the following). Read on.

Of course I might be a bit biased and love to receive something for the home or entertaining - so if your mum is more into beauty or pampering there will definitely be better places to research gift ideas however if she loves things to make a happier home keep reading as I have compiled a few suggestions of things I would love to receive (and trust me it does not involve a single appliance or tool for the kitchen!).

So where to start when you think about gifts for the home that your mum might love? I always like to start with fun and colourful pieces that elevate beyond the day-to-day - a new framed print to brighten a dull corner, a book to enliven the bedside (or coffee) table, a lamp to bring a warm glow or a cozy throw to snuggle under with your loved ones (possibly whilst bingeing your favourite Netflix Day.

For affordable prints with custom frames Urban Road always comes to the rescue:

For gorgeous coffee table books (usually on Interiors) look no further than booktopia:

Lamps are such a cost effective way to bring some colour (and of course light) to a room.

This beautiful lamp (and many others in a a multitude of colours & designs) can be sourced via Rickward Design Studio.

Throws are always a quick way to bring colour and softness to a room (with the added benefit of warmth & coziness). This beautiful rug is by St Albans and made from alpaca wool - I would happily whilst away the hours snuggled under her....

Regardless of how much she loves or loathes cooking (or oscillates between the two!) it is likely that your mum will appreciate a day off from the kitchen so plan up a meal that she would love (even if its dialled in) & set a gorgeous table - grab a beautiful tablecloth, layer it with fun plates and glasses, fresh flowers and pop open a bottle of bubbles. Inspiration abounds below:

Hand printed on linen Bonnie & Neil are famed for their beautiful botanical print tablecloths. They are a splurge but well worth the investment.... just keep the red wine away!

West Elm always have a great range of plates and crockery in a fun range of colours and patterns at an affordable price point - I'm personally crushing on this blue and white design by Bella Foster (though given that my drawers are groaning with blue and white I will do my best to keep impulse purchases at bay).

Of course when setting the table for Mothers Day lunch don't forget the bubbles.... the kind that comes in a beautiful stem glass of course. These hand blown glasses by Maison Balzac come in a range of stunning colours and designs and would be the perfect Mother's Day gift in my opinion.

Or if the weather permits on the day... plan a picnic.... These items will help ensure its infinitely stylish...

Not only do the dazzle in an array of beautiful colours these melamine plates are perfect for any outdoor picnic or pool side gathering.... but stylish enough for the indoors too.

Of course if none of that appeals you can never go beyond beautiful blooms. We are spoilt with so many talented florists around: though of course you can always grab the secateurs and head out to the garden - word of advice - maybe just stay away from the supermarket aisle for this special occasion.

If you would like to give a floral gift that is a lot more enduring that a week or so consider some faux flowers - there are some amazing arrangements out there. As much as I love colour if I am considering using faux flowers I personally like to stay with a simple white and green arrangement as I feel it is something you are less likely to tire off.

This arrangement of flannel flowers, tetra nuts and mixed natives is my personal favourite (and will work in with any decor)...

But if all else fails a big hug and an "I love you" will win her over every time.

Elisha x